Exploring Amana Furnace Options: A Guide to Prices and Installation Costs

Amana, a subsidiary of the well-known Goodman brand, boasts over two centuries of expertise in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Renowned for their quality products, Amana offers these at more budget-friendly rates compared to some competitors. However, like many furnace manufacturers, Amana does not publicly list product prices.  We collate data from both homeowners and professionals to bring you the latest pricing and technical details for Amana furnaces.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of average prices for Amana’s electric, oil, and gas furnaces. Additionally, we provide resources for reviews and further pricing details. Amana’s reputation for both quality and affordability makes them a desirable choice. If you’ve recently purchased an Amana furnace, your input on installation and cost is invaluable for our data collection.

Amana Furnace Costs

Furnace Type Furnace Only Furnace Installed Complete Heating & Air Installed
Amana Gas Furnace Prices
80% Standard Efficiency (AMS8, ADSS8) $978 $2,130 $4,875
80% AFUE, Variable/Multi-Speed (AMVC8/ADVC8, etc.) $1,478 $2,475 $5,030
92-95% High Efficiency (AMSS92, ACSS92) $2,200 $2,950 $5,670
95% AFUE and Higher (AMVM97, ACVM97, etc.) $2,575 $3,500 $7,500
Amana Oil Furnace Prices n/a n/a n/a
Amana Electric Furnaces (Air Handlers)
Standard Electric (AVPTC, ASPT, etc.) $875 $2,750 $5,950
High Efficiency (Variable) Electric (AVPEC, MBVC, etc.) $1,875 $3,575 $6,750

Note: Prices are estimates and can vary based on home-specific factors.

Learn More and Get Quotes

For more details about Amana and their current offers or rebates, visit the links below. These resources also provide a convenient way to receive multiple quotes for furnace equipment and installation from qualified HVAC companies in your area.

  • Free Furnace Quotes from Local Companies
  • Amana Furnace Information
  • Amana Rebates or Special Offers
  • Amana Furnaces Reviews

Sharing Your Amana Furnace Experiences

We highly value user submissions detailing the prices paid for Amana furnaces and their installation. Rest assured, personal information is never included in our comparison charts. We provide only the aggregate price, location, and service details. Your contributions help others make informed decisions when selecting a furnace.

Making an Informed Choice

Remember, every home is unique and several factors can influence the final cost of a new furnace or a complete HVAC system. Our provided estimates are a starting point to guide you in your decision-making process.

By exploring Amana’s offerings through this guide, you can gain a clearer understanding of the costs involved and make a choice that balances quality, efficiency, and budget for your home heating needs.

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