Best 10 Commercial HVAC Brands of 2024

Commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are essential for maintaining comfortable and healthy indoor environments in commercial buildings. Here’s a list of some well-known commercial HVAC brands:

  1. Trane: Renowned for their high-quality systems, Trane offers a range of commercial HVAC solutions including chillers, air handlers, and rooftop units.
  2. Carrier: A leading brand in air conditioning and HVAC solutions, Carrier provides innovative and energy-efficient systems for commercial buildings.
  3. Daikin: Known for their advanced air conditioning technologies, Daikin offers a variety of commercial HVAC systems including VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) systems.
  4. Lennox: Specializing in high-efficiency HVAC systems, Lennox provides a range of commercial solutions including rooftop units, split systems, and controls.
  5. Johnson Controls: This brand offers a comprehensive range of HVAC solutions for commercial buildings, focusing on energy efficiency and smart building integration.
  6. York: A part of Johnson Controls, York offers high-quality commercial HVAC systems including air-cooled chillers, rooftop units, and air handling systems.
  7. Mitsubishi Electric: They are known for their split-system air conditioners but also offer a broad range of commercial HVAC solutions, including their CITY MULTI VRF systems.
  8. Honeywell: While primarily known for their control systems, Honeywell also offers a range of HVAC products for commercial applications.
  9. Rheem: Offers a variety of heating, cooling, and water heating solutions for commercial applications, known for their durability and efficiency.
  10. Goodman: Offers a range of affordable and reliable HVAC systems for commercial buildings, including packaged units and split systems.

Each brand has its unique strengths and specializations, so the choice of brand may depend on specific needs such as system type, energy efficiency, budget, and the scale of the commercial project.

Here are unit price and installation cost ranges for commercial HVAC systems from the mentioned brands. Please note that these are approximate figures, and actual costs can vary widely based on the specific model, capacity, installation complexity, and regional differences. Additionally, commercial HVAC installation costs can be significantly impacted by factors such as the size of the building, ductwork requirements, and any customizations needed.

Brand Unit Types Approximate Unit Price Range Approximate Installation Cost Range
Trane Chillers, rooftop units, air handlers $5,000 – $30,000+ $5,000 – $15,000+
Carrier Rooftop units, chillers, air handlers $4,500 – $25,000+ $4,500 – $15,000+
Daikin VRV systems, air-cooled chillers $6,000 – $35,000+ $6,000 – $20,000+
Lennox Rooftop units, split systems $4,000 – $20,000+ $4,000 – $15,000+
Johnson Controls Air handling units, chillers, rooftop units $5,000 – $30,000+ $5,000 – $15,000+
York Air-cooled chillers, rooftop units $4,500 – $25,000+ $4,500 – $15,000+
Mitsubishi CITY MULTI VRF systems, split systems $3,000 – $20,000+ $3,000 – $15,000+
Honeywell Controls, building management systems Varies Varies
Rheem Heating, cooling, water heating solutions $3,500 – $18,000+ $3,500 – $12,000+
Goodman Packaged units, split systems $2,500 – $15,000+ $2,500 – $10,000+

Remember, this table provides a rough estimate. For accurate pricing, it’s always best to get quotes from multiple local contractors and suppliers. Additionally, the total cost may include other expenses like ductwork modification, electrical upgrades, and potential structural changes.

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